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Virtual Social event ideas

Katie Rabuck
Member Moderator

Hi everyone!

One mission of the Emerging Leaders is to be able to bring us all together in a more relaxed atmosphere to network and make friends! We do this by holding social events through the year. Unfortunately, COVID put a stop to getting together in person.

I am looking for suggestions on virtual social events. I want to open it up to all of our Emerging Leaders to share ideas that hopefully we can use in the future! Did you attend any virtual social events this past year? If so, which ones did you enjoy the most?

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Topic starter Posted : 25/02/2021 11:49 am
Alex Diegel
Member Admin

I've enjoyed all the virtual trivia events that I've attended. I've been doing jackbox with friends too but I think that's got a fairly small group limit. Might be worth looking into or finding something similar that allows for bigger groups. 

Alexander Diegel

Posted : 08/03/2021 3:21 pm