MIC Awards

Make a Lasting Impression

As marketing and communication professionals, our work has one simple goal in mind – make a lasting impression with our members and in our communities – and we do so through a variety of channels. Don’t leave 2020 behind without celebrating your victories in marketing and communications. Enter your successful campaigns into the MIC Awards and give the recognition your team deserves.  
Presented at Evoke Marketing Conference, MIC Award winners will be recognized for their outstanding achievements in marketing and communications throughout 2020. 


Review all categories to find the MIC Awards category that speaks to you.

  • There is no limit to the number of categories an individual credit union may submit under, however, only one submission per category will be accepted. 
  • Follow the entry description carefully for all submission requirements. Entries may be disqualified at the discretion of CrossState Credit Union Association and the judging panel. 
  •  All work must have been completed and published between January 1 and December 31, 2020. 

Each Category will be evaluated according to credit union asset size as follows: 

  • Under $30 million; $30 – $75 million; $75 – $200 million; and above $200 million. 

Be Compliant! 

  • Entries will undergo a compliance review during the judging process. Applications with glaring or blatant errors will be disqualified. 

2020 application submissions are now closed.  

  • Complete one application per entry category, and be sure to provide all requested materials. Failure to do so may result in the submission being disqualified.  
  • Digitally submit your files by using the “Nominate Your Team Now” link under each category. 
  • File naming: name your files using your credit union name or abbreviation followed by 1,2,3… 
  • For example: myfavoritecu1.jpg, myfavoritecu2.pdf, etc. for each category you are entering; 
  • Or, you may elect to submit your entry in print form. Mail to: CrossState Credit Union Assocation, ATTN: MIC Awards, 4309 Front St. Harrisburg, PA 17110. 

Award Winner Notification 

  • Applicants will be judged by an independent panel of marketing and communication professionals.  
  • Winners will be notified by mail in July 2020 and recognized at the Virtual Evoke Marketing Conference July 29
  • Judges’ scoresheets will be available by request at the conclusion of the judging process. 

Don’t Delay! 

Questions? Contact Alex Diegel at adiegel@CrossState.org or 717.839.2252.

Award Categories

Post, Pin, Share, & Like (Success in Social Media) 

Celebrating the outstanding use of social media for an event to create brand awareness, drive traffic, engage targeted audiences, and/or establish brand champions. 

  • Provide links to the channels used and your social media goals.  
  • Include the plan, goals, cross-channel components, and results of a social media campaign.  

Nominate Your Team Now! 

.com Award (Best Website) 

Serving as an extension of your credit union brand, the website shows cohesive design, simple navigation, financial education and online application tools, and compelling promotional material. We are looking for eye-catching websites that are user-friendly and provide members with up-to-date financial information and resources.   

  • Provide your website URL.  

Nominate Your Team Now! 

Extra! Extra! (Best Newsletter) 

The design and communication of your credit union mission, activities, and promotions showcased in your credit union’s newsletter. 

  • Submit two to three of your favorite print or online newsletters from 2020.  

Nominate Your Team Now! 

It’s Electric! (Excellence in Digital Marketing)  

Showcase your best digital marketing campaign promoting your credit union’s products and services, or the overall benefits of credit union membership. Tactics may include mobile/digital/pay-per-click advertisements, videos, infographics, electronic billboards, emails, and SMS messaging.   

  • Provide a summary of the campaign, stated goals, creative materials and a results analysis.  

Nominate Your Team Now! 

The Chronicle (Best Annual Report) 

Your annual report is the creative expression of your credit union’s operations and financial data: a chronicle, per se, of your activities and successes over the past year.  

  • Submit an electronic or print version of your credit union’s most recent annual report.  

Nominate Your Team Now! 

Warhol Award (Excellence in Print) 

Celebrating your excellent work in a single direct mail or print campaign designed to promote your credit union’s products and services, or the overall benefits of credit union membership. May include statement inserts, postcards, brochures or special offer mailings, and advertisements or billboards. 

  • Provide a summary of the campaign, stated goals, creative materials and a results analysis.  

Nominate Your Team Now! 

It’s Who You Are (Branding/Corporate Identity) 

Representing your credit union brand through communication and design. Your credit union’s brand is your identity—the personality, the voice, and the message that you project to your membership and to your community as a whole. It’s who you are and you’re proud of it! 

  • Provide a brief summary of your credit union’s mission, how it is exemplified in your brand, and how it is carried throughout your marketing and communications.  
  • Include digital or print materials that display your brand messaging, your voice and/or applications of brand-specific design (logo, graphic elements, website). 

Nominate Your Team Now! 

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget 

Not all marketing victories have to cost thousands. This award recognizes bold marketing concepts that are done on a shoestring budget.  

  • Provide a campaign summary, how you measured success, your written action plan with stated goals, collateral samples, and the results of your campaign including costs. 
  • Shoestring budgets are limited to a maximum amount according to credit union asset size. How creative did your marketing dollars get?     
  • under $30 million in assets — maximum of $250    
  • $30 – $75 million in assets — maximum of $500 
  • $75 – $200 million in assets — maximum of $750 
  • over $200 million in assets — maximum of $1,000 

Nominate Your Team Now! 

Out and About: Community/PR Event 

Highlight the activities of a community or PR event which spreads the word of the credit union movement within the community. 

  • Provide a summary, stated goals and a results analysis of the event along with any creative, photographs, advertisements, or other media-related attention the event received.  

Nominate Your Team Now! 

The Whole Enchilada (Best Integrated Marketing Campaign) 

Recognizing the most brilliantly planned and executed marketing campaign implemented across several media formats. The campaign must have a cohesive style and well-developed strategy that provides an integrated, captivating experience for the targeted audience and delivered across a minimum of three marketing platforms. 

  • Provide a campaign summary to include a written action plan with your stated goals or objectives, your results, and print and/or digital samples from each channel. 

Nominate Your Team Now! 

The Show Stopper 

Communicating the right message, to the right audience at the right time is at the core of all great marketing. Selected by the judge’s panel, the top entry from all categories will be awarded as “The Show Stopper.”  There is only one way to win…submit an entry today!