Evoke Marketing Conference 2021

July 20, 2021 - July 21, 2021
Virtual Marketing Conference
Organizer: CrossState Credit Union Association
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Credit union marketers play a unique role in the movement and deserve a specialized conference to engage their creative nature. This two-day, can’t miss virtual Evoke Marketing Conference on July 20-21, is tailored to sharpen and hone your marketing skills.

The 2021 virtual Evoke Marketing Conference is specifically designed for anyone who tells the credit union story. This live-streamed event is tailored to any work environment, so join us from your office, conference room, or wherever you may be working. No matter where you are, you’ll strengthen and develop your marketing skills and reap the benefits of learning from industry-leading professionals on business development, the science of marketing, and storytelling. 

Evoke Marketing Conference has all this, plus the opportunity to see the best marketing in the region and engage with the creators of those campaigns during the MIC Awards Presentation. Find inspiration for your next campaign and celebrate the work of your peers. 

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