Simplifying Your Payment Strategy

November 30, 2021 | 10:30 am to 11:30 am
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The expectations for modern digital payment and money movement capabilities and experiences are accelerating. Driven by digital experiences in their consumer lives, members are expecting to have the same, frictionless experiences in their financial lives whether they’re making a P2P transfer, funding a new account, or paying a loan (which is often the experience that dictates whether an indirect member becomes a direct member).

Unfortunately, many of today’s credit unions are struggling to keep up with these expectations. This gap is allowing traditional competitors, as well as digital wallet providers, challenger banks, and fintechs to prevail. You’re invited to join Alacriti Payments Practice Lead Mark Ranta for a rundown of these key issues: 

  • How COVID-19 has raised the bar for what members expect for digital service
  • The limitations that legacy payment technology brings to the member experience
  • How you can operate all of your existing financial services technology on a single platform
  • Real-life use cases for payments modernization for members
  • Recommendations for planning for 2022

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