#ilovemycreditunion Resource Hub


The mission is simple – On July 30, the credit union movement will come together with the purpose of inspiring authentic and high energy conversation about why we love our credit unions under the common hashtag, #ilovemycreditunion.

The Goal: To utilize all social platforms to raise awareness about credit unions and share stories about the amazing things they do.

But perhaps the simplest thing of all is your participation!  Within this resource hub, you will find everything you need to plan for and engage in this easy and exciting, nationwide collaboration to elevate the credit union story.  You also have the freedom to personalize these materials with your own branding, design your own content and add your own unique touches that will speak to your membership.

Just Remember, in order to make the biggest impact, we must post on the same day, with the same hashtag.  So, mark your calendar for Friday, July 30, 2021 and have some fun raising credit union awareness with #ilovemycreditunion!

Will you be participating? Click here to sign up so that we can keep track of the credit unions that will join us on this special day. (Scroll to bottom of webpage and fill in required fields).


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