Better Choice Loan

The Smart Alternative to Payday Loans

This smart alternative to a payday loan is a short-term loan offered through participating credit unions with the following terms:

  • 90-Day Repayment Term 
  • Flexible Monthly, Bi-weekly, or Weekly Payments 
  • $20 Application Fee 
  • $200 Minimum Loan 
  • $500 Maximum Loan 
  • 18% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 
  • A Built-In Savings Benefit 
  • Optional Financial Counseling 


Please Note:  Must qualify. Borrowers must meet credit union membership requirements and be over age 18.


Credit unions with questions on Credit Union Better Choice or interested in participating, please contact

Better Choice Loan Details

Contact your participating credit union for an application, specific terms and loan amounts.   

If your credit union does not participate in the CU Better Choice program, talk to a lending representative at your credit union to see if they can meet your financial needs. 

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Is Your Credit Union Looking to Offer Better Choice?

The Credit Union Better Choice program is sponsored by the CrossState Credit Union Association in partnership with the Pennsylvania Treasury Department and the Pennsylvania Department of Banking. 

Email Mike Wishnow at CrossState Credit Union Association with any questions you may have. 

Credit unions wanting additional information or resources, please email our better choice team