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Why Credit Unions?

Credit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions that accept deposits, make loans, and provide a wide array of other financial services and products. When you join a credit union, you become a member-owner. What does that mean? Your credit union is going to work in YOUR best interest, and as a member-owner YOU have a say! Basically, credit unions are for YOU, and distribute our profits back to our members!

It’s that simple. The mission of credit unions is to lift people up financially, starting with education. Managing your money is not rocket science. Rather, it’s a handful of good habits often repeated. Credit unions, with their focus on members, make repeating those habits (saving toward a goal , borrowing as smartly and efficiently as possible, and helping you achieve financial fitness.) easier because credit unions strive to help you learn, not just how to do these things, but why it’s so important. When folks don’t have access to financial education, they are six times more likely to have trouble making ends meet.

You see, it’s a continuum. Credit unions provide access to financial literacy and financial literacy helps get you to financial wellness. Credit unions get this. Financial wellness is the state of being where you can meet your financial obligations, feeling secure in your choices and able to enjoy your life. That’s the ultimate goal, credit unions can help you take the financial stress out of your lives!

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Free Download! Budget Worksheet

Not sure where to start with your budgeting journey? Download this free budget spreadsheet! Find out where your money is going by assigning every dollar a purpose. Identify your fixed expenses then determine how much to save and how much you have left to spend. Cover your basic needs first and then add in lifestyle factors like dining out, toys and games, entertainment, clothes, plants, and other items of that nature.

You’ll be set up for success in no time with this starter budget.

Download the FREE Budget Spreadsheet

Free Download! Meal Planner & Grocery List

Grow Your Savings at the grocery store when you walk in prepared with your weekly meal plan and grocery list! Cut back on overspending when you stick to your list and have a plan for the week. Studies show that planning your meals in advance cuts back on eating out and overspending in general.

Tips for using your meal plan guide:

  • Print your meal plan guide, place it inside a page protector, and fill it out with a whiteboard marker!
  • Print your guide and save each week’s, noting which meals were family favorites and save it in a binder or folder. Go back to it when you run out of ideas!
  • Use a meal plan guide for every meal, not just dinner. Fold the paper in half or cut it so you only have one grocery list.
Download your FREE Meal Planner & Grocery List


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