2024 Volunteer BSA Training

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Credit union volunteers are required to complete annual Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) training. CrossState Credit Union Association offers BSA training certificates of attendance to volunteers for participation in this recorded event.

While the board of directors of a credit union may not require the same degree of training as operations personnel, their training should provide board members with sufficient understanding of the credit union’s risk profile and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) regulatory requirements. Without a general understanding of the BSA, it is more difficult for the board of directors to provide adequate oversight of the BSA/AML compliance program, including approving the written BSA/AML compliance program, establishing appropriate independence for the BSA/AML compliance function, and providing sufficient BSA/AML resources.  The board of directors and senior management should receive foundational training and be informed of changes and new developments in the BSA, including its implementing regulations, the federal agencies’ regulations, and supervisory guidance.

BSA Training is now available through eTrain. See details below.


Volunteer BSA Training is now available through eTrain. Learn more about eTrain on the eTrain CrossState website.

The training is available for members at a one-time purchase of $200. After making an account and purchasing the training, it will be available to anyone within your organization through the sharable link in the confirmation email.

Volunteer BSA Training is also included in the eTrain Power Learner Passport subscription.

Compliance Consulting clients that want to view the training, please contact your consultant to obtain the code to override the charge.

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