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Deduct A Buck Payroll Deduction – Make Giving Easy!

The CrossState PAC offers payroll deduction as an easy, no-hassle option for regular contributions. Payroll Deduction allows credit union employees, volunteers, and members to donate a set amount each week, month, quarter, or year to protect credit unions and support its advocacy work. Donations are sent by your credit union to the CrossState PAC. Give as little or as much as you want to support the future of the movement.  

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More Fundraising Opportunities

Chocolate Sales  

Orders for chocolate are taken between the months of October and April.

You can choose from the following king-size candies:

  • Caramello (18 bars/box) 
  • Kit Kat (24 bars/box) 
  • Hershey’s Chocolate Bars – Plain or Almond (12 bars/box)
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (24 bars/box) 
  • Twizzlers (15 bags/box)
  • Whatchamacallit Bars (18 bars/box)

Email us to place your order.

Charitable Match Program  

Credit unions match board, staff, employee, and member PAC contributions, dollar for dollar, to any accredited charity of their choice.  

Email us for more information. 

Join the growing list of Payroll Deduction Credit Unions!

Aspire FCU 
Choice One Community FCU 
Citadel FCU 
Clearview FCU 
Credit Union of New Jersey 
Erie FCU 
Essex County Teachers FCU 
Freedom CU 
Hershey FCU 
Wyrope Williamsport FCU 

Dress Down Day at the Credit Union 

This fundraiser is designed for employees and requires no administrative costs. It offers your employees the opportunity to have a casual dress day for a specific dollar amount.  

Golf Outings / Silent Auctions  

Golf outings are always popular. For a Silent Auction, solicit people to donate items for a credit union or chapter silent auction. Due to the restrictions placed on fundraisers for federal PACs, it is suggested that golf outings and silent auctions be used to raise funds for the state PAC (CUPAC).  

If you are interested in these events, please contact the Governmental Affairs department for more information.  

Hot Dog / Bake Sales / Merchandise  

Sell hot dogs or baked goods in your lobby on Fridays or for special days. Or sell Association or your credit union’s logo shirts, hats, pins, bumper stickers, etc.  

Games / Tournaments  

Hold a type of game or tournament at a chapter meeting or conference to benefit the PAC, like a pool tournament, bowling tournament or softball game. Charge an entry fee close to what someone would pay to go out for that activity or add a little more to include food or drinks.  

Wine Tasting Auction  

Staff and members donate two bottles of their favorite wine. Once is for tasting; the other to be auctioned off. Have a reception for your guests to taste wine as they mingle. Following the reception, begin your wine auction.  


NOTE: The Governmental Affairs staff of the CrossState Credit Union Association is available to assist with your fundraising efforts. If you have questions or would like a visit to discuss logistics or concerns, or want help with brainstorming for ideas, please contact the Association office.  

Contributions are not deductible for state and federal tax purposes. Corporate contributions are prohibited.  

State and Federal law require us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation, and name of employer of individuals. Contributions to CUPAC are used to support credit union-friendly candidates in their bids for state office. Contributions are strictly voluntary. You have the right to refuse to contribute without any reprisal.  

Support the Future of the Movement

Contributions made by CrossState PAC are non-partisan — made to both Republican and Democratic candidates who share credit union interests. By participating in the PAC, you are sending a clear message to elected officials that credit unions are a united political force.