CrossState Committees

Ex-Officio — All Committees

Andy Jaeger   | CrossState Chair/Credit Union of New Jersey

Audit Committee

Dave Ardire* | CrossState Director/Campbell FCU
Traci Donahue | CrossState Director/Cross Valley FCU
Bob Steeves | CrossState Director/Essex County Teachers FCU

Compensation Committee

Andy Jaeger * | CrossState Director/Credit Union of New Jersey
Wendy Kingsland | CrossState Director/Visionary FCU
Rick Stipa | CrossState Chair/TruMark Financial Credit Union

Credentials Committee

Richard Garcia* | CrossState Director/United Cities CU

Governance Committee

Jim Burns |CrossState Director/Jersey Shore FCU
Jay Reed* | CrossState Director/Service 1st FCU
Stacey Remick | CrossState Director/Penlanco FCU
Annemarie Shinn | CrossState Director/Research 1166 FCU

Nominating Committee

Jim Burns | CrossState Director/Jersey Shore FCU
Richard Garcia | CrossState Director/United Cities CU
Wendy Kingsland* | CrossState Director/Visionary FCU
Rick Stipa | CrossState Director/TruMark Financial CU

*Committee Chair

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is responsible for judging entries for the Association’s Professional of the Year Award, Volunteer of the Year Award, awards for social responsibility, philosophy in action, and financial literacy. In addition, the Awards Committee judges and awards several Association scholarships to various schools and conferences.

Eileen Crean | Members 1st of NJ FCU
Lizzy Kennedy | Members 1st of NJ FCU
Wendy Kingsland* | Visionary FCU
Lynn Stephenson | West-Aircomm FCU
Connie Sullivan | Credit Union of NJ
Ed Williams | Discovery FCU

*Committee Chair