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Trainings to Move Your Credit Union Forward

To better serve our members, the CrossState team provides ongoing, on-demand trainings. These trainings are available to you at your convenience, to better suit your busy schedule.


Supervisory Committee Responsibilities Workshop

Supervisory Committees have been considered the watchdog of the credit union’s assets or in smaller credit unions they are the internal audit function.  What does that mean and what should they do?  Join us for those answers.  We will discuss the requirements of the supervisory committee and their functions.  Who Should Attend? This workshop will benefit Supervisory Committee Members, potential Supervisory Committee Members, Board Members and credit union staff.

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ACH Origination Basics and Regulation E Workshop

We discuss the different types of ACH entries, Third Party service providers, Third Party senders, written statements of unauthorized debits, return entries, record retention and more.

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ACH Receiving Basics and Regulation E Workshop

We discuss the different types of ACH entries, and stop payments, written statements of unauthorized debits, return entries, record retention and more.

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Consumer & Business Deposit Account Workshop

This workshop covers the federal regulations related to opening and maintaining consumer and legal entity accounts.  Topics include individual versus joint consumer accounts and legal entity types and corresponding required documentation along with due diligence best practices.

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Consumer Lending Workshop

Explore the many facets of Truth in Lending (Open and Closed end requirements, RESPA, Dodd-Frank…), Fair Lending, HMDA, and BSA as it applies to lending and a brief overview of the lending process. Credit Unions that underwrite real estate secured loans are required under the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (the S.A.F.E. Act) to provide periodic training covering Federal and State law requirements that apply to loan originators’ loan origination activities. Attending this workshop will meet that training requirement.

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Deceased Member Training

When a credit union member dies, many issues and questions arise.

  • Who can have information on the account?
  • Who owns the account?
  • Who has access to the account?
  • What happens with powers of attorney and authorized signers on account?
  • Can a check be written to a funeral home?
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2024 IRA Workshop

The CrossState Compliance Team is excited to offer the newly-refreshed IRA Training for 2024. This training will cover the fundamentals of Traditional, Roth, and Coverdell IRAs which will include the following rundown:

  • Eligibility
  • Account opening and appropriate disclosures
  • Different types of contributions
  • Different types of distributions
  • Deceased IRA owners

This workshop is led by Joanne Broderick, CUCE, BSACS, CUBLP, CCUIA, Sr. Manager of CrossState Compliance Services

The workshop is now available through eTrain. View and purchase* the training here.
*this workshop is included in the Power Learner Passport subscription.

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Troubled Loan/Bankruptcy Workshop

Credit unions are likely to see a large increase in bankruptcy filings and troubled loans over the comings years as a result of the end of Pandemic-related government funding and other economic pressures. In order to prepare your Credit Union for this anticipated outcome, Kate Deringer Sallie, Esq. of Pillar+Aught presents a comprehensive training session for credit unions on troubled loans and bankruptcy. In addition to giving a general overview of the bankruptcy process, Deringer Sallie provides key tips and information critical to credit unions as they deal with members in bankruptcy. Additionally, Attorney Deringer Sallie will discuss recent updates to the bankruptcy laws and procedures, and will provide information on how to handle troubled loans and limit lender liability risks.

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Fall 2022 Compliance Town Meeting

In the first part of the session, Attorney Kate Deringer Sallie and Attorney Angela McGowan with Pillar+Aught present on Fair Lending, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and other lending regulatory compliance topics.

In the second part of the session, CrossState’s Compliance Advocacy Team, Nicola Foggie, Ann Renfrew, and Erin Ensminger, present on a variety of compliance hot topics, including: LIBOR Transition, CECL Update, Discrimination and Modernization in Appraisals, Cyber Incident Reporting, HMDA, CFPB’s General Qualified Mortgage (QM) Loan Amendments, Changes to the Interest Rate Risk (IRR) Supervisory Framework, CU Governance Modernization Act, Succession Planning, and MLA vs. SCRA.

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Spring 2022 Compliance Town Meeting

Credit unions face increasing litigation risk particularly in the area of various fees that may be assessed to members. Some risks are ongoing such as, collection letters, and overdraft/insufficient funds lawsuits. Consumer protection and financial inclusion are stated agency priorities and will impact the way credit unions provide services to members. In the first part of the session, representatives of CUNA Mutual Group discuss strategies to mitigate litigation risk and implement fair lending guidelines to promote financial inclusion.The second part of the session includes CrossState’s Compliance Advocacy Team presenting on a variety of compliance hot topics, including: NCUA CAMELS Rating System, LIBOR Transition, CECL, HMDA Updates, NACHA Updates, CFPB’s General Qualified Mortgage (QM) Loan Amendments, and Reg E/ Reg Z Disputes.

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