Kathleen Fey Executive Leadership Program

The CrossState Credit Union Foundation’s Kathleen Fey Executive Leadership Program

The Foundation’s Kathleen Fey Executive Leadership Program is now available through the CrossState Credit Union Foundation to members of the Emerging Leaders.

Named after the late CrossState Credit Union Foundation Executive Director Kathleen Fey, the Credit Union Executive Leadership Program was created for the future leaders of the credit union industry and provides $20,000 of funding for each participant for a six-year curriculum of credit union leadership development. Each year, two active Emerging Leader members will be selected as Credit Union Fellows to participate in the program. This program is a significant commitment on the part of both the CrossState Credit Union Foundation and the participant. Careful consideration of this commitment should be given prior to applying for this program. 

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Program Vision

To encourage and advance the capabilities of credit union leaders by providing access to outstanding professional development opportunities and through building relationships with other Fellows and leadership coaches. 

Nomination Process

Fellows will be selected based on the information provided in their written application. Approval and recommendation of the application must be received from the applicant’s credit union chief executive prior to submission. A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s CEO and a letter from the applicant detailing why they would like to participate in the program are required. Please refer to the Nomination Form. 

Please note: If a Fellow moves his/her employment to another credit union during the six-year training period, approval must be documented from their new employer. If the Fellow terminates employment with a credit union or active participation with Emerging Leaders during the six-year period of enrollment, their participation in this program will also terminate. 

Submission Details

The submission deadline is February 15 of each year. 

Please contact Sue Ward-Diorio at 717 839-2244 or sward-diorio@crossstate.org with any questions.