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Credit unions are becoming overwhelmed with new compliance responsibilities. Sometimes those responsibilities require a more in-depth solution than a phone inquiry. That’s why CrossState Solutions has strengthened its Compliance area to include compliance and operations consultants that work directly with credit unions to address specific challenges. 

Supplement your compliance requirements with the help of our BSACS and CUCE-certified professionals. The Association’s audit staff is up to date on the latest audit techniques and requirements, carrying designations such as AAP, CCUIA, CUBLP, MBA, Credit Union Compliance Expert (CUCE) and Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Specialist (BSACS).

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Audit Services

Meet Your Audit Requirements

For 40 years, the CrossState Audit Department has been dedicated to serving credit unions.

While the faces, accounting rules and standards, and regulations have changed, our dedication to the credit union movement is unwavering. Whether it’s through onsite or virtual reviews, we ensure your credit union is in compliance. Rely on our experienced team for your audit and review requirements.

Audit Services’ Comprehensive Suite of Services

Supervisory Committee Audit Review
A detailed examination of a credit union’s financial operation to satisfy NCUA regulations under section 715.7(c)

BSA/CIP/OFAC Compliance Review
Assess your credit union’s system of internal controls and procedures to maintain ongoing compliance in accordance with the requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act, 31 C.F.R. Part 103

ACH Audit
An ACH Compliance Review conducted in accordance with the NACHA Operating Rules and Guidelines for all credit unions offering ACH services

SAFE Act Audit
Annual review of SAFE Act Examination Guidelines

Other Audit Services

  • Member Account Verification
  • Vendor Management Review
  • DOR Assistance
  • Specialty Audits as requested

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Compliance Services

A Team of Experts Who Deliver Results

CrossState Compliance Consultants offer a cost-effective and convenient solution to help your credit union navigate the ever-evolving regulatory compliance requirements. Recognizing the individuality of each credit union, we tailor our programs to meet your distinct needs.

Compliance Services is particularly helpful for credit unions without dedicated compliance staff, as well as to assist busy CEOs or compliance staff. No matter what the reason, your compliance program will benefit from our Compliance Consultants’  years of training and experience working in credit union compliance. Our Compliance Officers are CUNA-certified as both BSA Compliance Specialists, as well as a Credit Union Compliance Experts (CUCE).

Service From Trusted Consultants

The compliance services process begins by meeting with the CEO or designated staff to determine which compliance projects need immediate attention. Together, you’ll determine how you can best address those needs. Compliance Consultants can help your credit union implement a comprehensive compliance program, or simply address a specific compliance need. Support can be a combination of in-person meetings, telephone, or email support. 

Typical components of an enterprise-wide compliance program includes:

  • Comprehensive review of existing policies and procedures for compliance 
  • Provide additional policies and procedures for compliance 
  • Training staff to use online compliance tools such as InfoSight and CU PolicyPro 
  • Assistance with satisfying Examiner Findings
  • Regulatory Required Training for Staff and Volunteers

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Compliance Consulting

The wave of new regulations is neverending and even with dedicated staff, the sweeping changes can be overwhelming.  Our BSACS and CUCE-certified Compliance Consultants can help.

The Compliance Consulting Program provides an affordable and hassle-free way to assist credit unions with ever-growing regulatory compliance requirements.  We can offer assistance establishing an enterprise-wide compliance program and reviewing existing policies/procedures for compliance and/or providing new ones. We can also offer timely updates on regulatory changes and the impact they may have on your day-to-day operations.  Additionally, we are able to assist your CU with compliance deadlines required by your regulator/auditor and day to day regulatory compliance questions.  These are just a few suggestions – we realize that each credit union will have their own individual needs.

Your Compliance Consultant will provide you with a customized plan that features an in-depth review of your credit union to determine the areas of need and create a plan to address those needs.

Compliance Consulting Regulatory Review Topics


Checks and Deposits

  • Account Opening & Maintenance
  • Decedent Account Review
  • Dormant and Escheat Accounts
  • Identity Theft Red Flags
  • Returned Mail
  • Reg CC – Expedited Funds
  • Reg GG – Unlawful Gambling
  • Truth in Savings


  • Collections Practices
  • Foreclosures
  • Lending Policy & Procedures
  • Private Student Lending
  • FCRA Lending Disclosures
  • HMDA
  • Open-End Lending Compliance
  • MBL
  • Credit Cards



  • Courtesy Pay
  • Debit Cards
  • EFT
  • Wire Transfers
  • Safe Deposit Box

Regulatory Issues

  • E-Sign
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Deposit
  • Record Retention
  • Website









  • Branch Signage
  • Closed-End Loan Advertising
  • Open-End Loan Advertising
  • Social Media & Marketing

Risk Management

  • Compliance Management
  • BC/DR Plan
  • Dual Controls
  • Forms and Disclosures
  • IRR
  • Physical Security
  • Vendor Management







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ComplySight & Recovery Pro

CrossState Compliance offers special licensing for ComplySight and RecoveryPro. Learn more about the services below.


ComplySight helps credit unions streamline compliance management by implementing a cloud-based system to track, measure, and report compliance activities in a single application.

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RecoveryPro guides credit unions through a complete business impact analysis to identify and prioritize key business processes, the creation of a business continuity plan for use in recovering from a disaster, and an incident management plan for use in responding to a developing event.

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