CU Kind 2024

Join CU Kind Day 2024

Join us for CU Kind Day on Monday, October 14!

This is a day for credit union employees, members, volunteers and partners come together and do one simple thing – spread kindness.


Volunteer, Donate, Educate!

Use your creativity to donate, volunteer or educate – do something to demonstrate the credit union “people helping people” philosophy. Credit unions put members and communities first and this is a way to increase credit union awareness and impact our communities.

After registering, see below for tools and resources to kickstart your CU Kind project.

Let’s spread this philosophy all across Pennsylvania and New Jersey on October 14!

Register for Free Here

Register to confirm your credit union’s interest and/or participation in CU Kind Day.

Kind Day Coordinators will receive communications regarding ideas and an informational webinar.  CU Kind Day coordinators, credit union leadership and staff are all welcome to join to learn more about CU Kind Day.

Sign Up for the CU Kind Webinar

Sign Up for the CU Kind webinar on August 6 at 10 a.m. to learn more about CU Kind Day and to gather ideas for your project.

Sign Up for the Webinar

How You Can Participate

Here are some steps you can take to participate in this year’s CU Kind

  1. Assign a CU Kind Coordinator
  2. Decide on a project
  3. Fill out the registration form, telling us the details of your project
  4. Take part in CU Kind Day and have fun!
  5. Fill out the post-survey so we can tabulate all the great work done on October 14!

Celebrating CU Kind Day 2023

How it Started

By doing something all on ONE day will create a collective message across Pennsylvania and New Jersey about our credit union impact. This day of kindness concept started at a credit union in Minnesota and has continued and expanded to credit union leagues across the country.

As not for profit financial institutions, Pennsylvania and New Jersey credit unions work every day to improve their members financial lives. Service is a core element of the social mission of credit unions.