Emerging Leaders

Developing Future Leaders

The continued success of our movement depends on preparing today’s young people to take on the challenges of tomorrow. That’s why we developed the CrossState Emerging Leaders program, and are thrilled to share it with you. This program features an integration of strengths from CrossState’s Emerging Leaders network.

As a free member benefit, the group is guided by a leadership council of Emerging Leaders, as selected by their peers. Its mission is to engage young professionals in the future of the credit union movement through career development training and education, networking, leadership development, community service and outreach, and political advocacy.

The Emerging Leaders program focuses primarily on those members under the age of 40, but enrollment is open to any interested members.

Who are the Emerging Leaders?

The current Emerging Leaders group currently consists of over 250 professionals aged 18-40, but there is always room for more.  We invite you to encourage Emerging Leaders from your credit union to join this valuable network where they can engage with other young professionals via in-person meetings and trainings, webinars, and where they can learn and grow from each other.


Existing members from both New Jersey and Pennsylvania will be automatically included in the new Emerging Leaders program. New members may simply complete the application.

If either you or your Emerging Leaders have any questions, please email Tyler Staley.