Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking

July 23, 2024 | 10:00 am to 11:00 am
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Of all the fears and phobias in the world, one of the most prevalent is a fear of public speaking. The thought of standing in front of an audience with all eyes on you could make anyone feel anxious. Unfortunately, many people are confident as subject matter experts, but let their nerves get in the way of effectively sharing that knowledge with an audience. Join the Emerging Leaders and Tyler Staley, CrossState’s Learning and Program Development Specialist for a webinar on overcoming the anxieties of public speaking.

Elevating your public speaking skills is an excellent way to set yourself apart from the crowd and advance your career. Many of the qualities sought in a leadership candidate can also be found in a confident speaker. This training will provide attendees with practical tools and tips to reduce speaking anxiety, improve presentations, and help become better communicators.

About Tyler

Tyler is a Learning & Program Development Professional at CrossState, and he started with the Association in 2020. Before joining CrossState, Tyler worked for a roofing material manufacturer, where he specialized in delivering and managing installation training for adults. He enjoys public speaking and training whenever he gets the opportunity to be in front of a crowd. 

Tyler graduated from Millersville University in 2011 with a degree in History Education.