CUNA National Awards Program

Stand Up and Be Recognized

Stand up and be recognized for your credit unionefforts in advancing the credit union movement and demonstrating the People Helping People philosophy.   

All state winners are announced at the CrossState Annual Convention and advance to the national CUNA competition for judging. The winners of that contest will be revealed at CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) in Washington, D.C. the following year. 

CUNA Awards

Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Service Award  

Presented to a credit union or chapter/multiple credit union group for its social responsibility projects which benefit your greater community. 

Louise A. Herring Philosophy-in-Action Award  

Award to a credit union for its practical application of credit union philosophy within the actual operation of the credit union. It is awarded for internal programs and services that benefit membership. 

Desjardins Financial Education Awards 

Recognize leadership within the credit union movement on behalf of financial literacy for all ages as Alphonse Desjardins emphasized the movement’s long-time commitment to youth and founded the first credit unions in Canada and the U.S. 

Submit Your Application

Submit your application for these awards via the CUNA National Awards Program Page here. The deadline to submit an application is February 28, 2023.