CU Ambassador Project FAQs

Can I use a past project from Leadership School?

Yes, however, projects completed prior to 202 will be required to showcase new data and continued progress toward the goal or how the goal was ultimately achieved.

Can more than one person from my credit union participate?

Yes. Anyone who wants to submit a proposal is encouraged to do so, along with a letter of recommendation from their supervisor.

Can we submit a group project?

No, the project research and execution are intended to be independently completed.

What role does my chapter play? Do I have to go through my Chapter Contest?

A council of Chapter Leaders now serve as the judges for the proposal phase and we have removed the chapter contest. All proposals will be submitted directly to CrossState and anonymously shared with the judges.

How long should the proposal be?

A maximum of one page. 

Do I have to complete the project before the spring deadline?

No, but it needs to be at least 60% completed by the submission date.

Is there a specific topic my project should be about?

No, as long as it benefits your credit union, department/team, movement, or community.

Is there a fee to participate?

No, but only CrossState Credit Union Association members are eligible.

I was selected to present, what costs does CrossState cover?

Event registration is paid by CrossState. No travel fees will be included.

Have a question that wasn’t listed here?
Feel free to reach out.